I use the MoLift Smart 150, this is a nice portable hoist lightweight ideal for travelling and fits in the majority of cars.

Commode/shower chair

Found my next must have item, a tilt in space chair allowing me to be positioned correctly with little or no effort, by the carers and no discomfort to myself which is also height adjustable.

Maxi Transfer sheet

This we brought from ARJO and is invaluable, this can help to roll me and sit me up the bed by using minimal persons and hoist with no effort.

Slide Sheets

So many different types to choose from with a wide range of costs


Nice comfortable seating is essential (If not in seat then must be in bed).

Talking of bed.

Im in the process of purchasing a multi functional bed. This is the Princess 5000 available from Action Assist. I have found this bed to be very comfortable and meets my needs.