our experiences




Our Experiences


  • Living with a tracheostomy
  • Living with a long term progressive illness
  • Living with care 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Understanding types of care
  • Social care, complex care, Personal Health Budget


All of these experiences lead to us thinking that this means I sit at home and wonder what will the next thing.


This is not strictly true can I list some of 2014's activities

  • Holiday in Weymouth with family. (February)
  • Steam fair with Sister in Yeovil. (May Day weekend)
  • Evening meal with Sir Frank Williams and the F1 team. "What an evening!" (July)
  • Visited Scotland, stayed in Travel Lodge. Places included Bannock Burn, Sterling Castle. (August)
  • SIA AGM met HRH Princess Royal. (October)

This is proof I cannot sit at home and wonder whats next.